Why I love Java, Why I love LINUX ?

The two are Open source... (Java has become recently Open source)
The two are reliable...
The two have become a part of my life...
The two are my twins...
Pay attention ! This doesn't means that Java and Linux are usually
the best. It depends on your needs and requirements; a good architect
mustn’t forget that.

PS. : Sorry Marc Fleury, I borrow your title cliché (snap)...
PPS.: Marc Fleury is the JBoss Master and the author of the famous Bleu "Why I Love EJBs ?"


  1. salut Achraf,

    no problem, j'ai pas de copyright sur "why I love stuff". A lot of people love a lot of stuff. Ca fait meme plaisir a mon age d'etre quote ;) il faudrait dire "why I love EJB3"

    bonne chance,


  2. Le fait que marcf en personne visite mon blog me flate!

    by Achraf

  3. Master Linux and Java is really wealthy, worthy and even Great!

  4. Quant à moi j'aime la biologie!!

  5. I know your control of Linux, Java and Oracle technologies; but I discovered (by this article) that the control has been transformed to a Love. Pay Attention dear friend, Love is dangerous ! Among its abuses becoming fixed to a computer screen for 22 hours every day !
    I’m joking…. Don’t be angry! And Don’t delete my comment!